Strategic thinking​  |  Unlocking value  |  Bringing ideas to life 

Strategic thinking​  |  Unlocking value  |  Bringing ideas to life 

I really enjoyed this article about how investment sales have actually been rising during 2021, in particular development sites seem to be hot property at the moment!

Although the lockdown has scared many vendors away from the market, preferring to wait and see what happens. However, the owners that did put their property on the market are reaping the rewards of less supply and an ever-growing demand. This is particularly true for development sites. However, the market won’t stay like this forever, with many experts predicting that once this lockdown ends the supply and demand dynamic will shift, offering buyers a much wider range of choice.

Looking down the list of development sales included in the article, we’re particularly excited about the new Rolling Stones music venue in Marrickville! These sort of entertainment-based developments may prove to be particularly lucrative when everyone is able to get out and about again.

What do you think about this rise in investment sales? Which property sectors do you think will recover the strongest when Freedom Day arrives?

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📷: Scott Blake