Case study – Hornsby Town Centre

Evaluating key sites in the Hornsby town centre for unlocking development potential.

“Your collaborative work has been immensely valuable in generating new ideas and providing guidance for future direction.” 

Steve Head

General Manager, Hornsby Shire Council

Situation ​

LandIT was engaged by Hornsby Shire Council to explore potential utilisation of Council’s landholdings in the town centre for both revitalization and long-term workspace planning purposes. The goal was to guide Council’s decision making on future options, using a balanced and prioritised framework. ​ 

Tasks ​

Our work focussed on three major sites. The available due diligence and planning data was gathered from Council for each of the landholdings. This was assessed included identifying potential risks and any missing information. Specialist input was then obtained in respect to the major issues to enable options to be tested. This included architecture/ urban design, yield, quantity survey and market assessments. Using the due diligence and specialist input, adaptive re-use and redevelopment options were tested for each of the sites. ​ 

Actions ​

An opportunities and constraints assessment followed by a high-level feasibility study was consolidated for the sites. This work included testing densities, heights and land uses together with a recommendation about the optimal divestment and partnering strategy. ​

Results ​

The work was brought together in a workshop with the Council Executive. Our efforts helped Council solidify their ideas, select a preferred direction, and created a strong foundation for future success in their projects.​

“Example of a commercial podium (responding to heritage shop fronts) with residential tower above”. 
“Example of a commercial podium (responding to heritage shop fronts) with residential tower above”.