Case Study – Leppington Town Centre

Planning for an aspirational whole-of-government project for the Leppington town centre.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with LandIT on a number of large city shaping opportunities in Western Sydney, and their knowledge was unparalleled. Their expertise and understanding of the local landscape and market dynamics were invaluable in shaping our strategic approach. Their work served as the foundation for many of our key initiatives, and we couldn’t have achieved the results we did without their contributions. ​

​LandIT was easy to work with and built solid relationships with the team. I highly recommend LandIT to anyone looking for a partner who values collaboration and is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and resources to deliver real value.”​

Rob Roberts

Development Director, Landcom

Situation ​

Despite major Government investment, there has been no significant development in the Leppington Town Centre since it was rezoned in 2013. LandIT was engaged by Landcom to coordinate investigations and prepare an emerging vision for the town centre. Investigations included matters such as land ownership; land fragmentation and infrastructure including utility services.

Task ​

Develop a framework for a an aspirational, whole of Government project that could act as a catalyst for development in the Leppington town centre. ​

Actions ​

The work explored civic, mixed used and residential development opportunities. The activities included the replacement of approximately 1,800 commuter car parking spaces and provision of utility services. ​

Results ​

The vision was presented to key Government stakeholders including Transport for NSW, Greater Cities Commission and NSW Department of Planning. The project is now the foundation of the Leppington Town Centre planning proposal submitted by Camden Council in 2023.​

View overlooking government land
“Example of a mixed-use development with retail and shop top housing”.