Strategic thinking​  |  Unlocking value  |  Bringing ideas to life 

Strategic thinking​  |  Unlocking value  |  Bringing ideas to life 


LandIT is a unique, technology enabled property consultancy, combining traditional property advice with data driven insights. We are different from the other property advisory firms because of our valuaton and development management expertise, as well as our partnerships with emerging property-technology.



LandIT offers property consultancy in :

Strategic Property Planning

Navigating planning controls, helping clients make the right buying and selling decisions. 

Due Diligence Project Management

Managing investigations and helping clients choose the best option. 

Project Feasibility Studies

Expert cash flow and static feasiblity modelling, enabling clients to know the right price to pay. 

Property Valuation and Analysis

Gain the comfort of using Australian Property Instutute “API” qualified property professionals.  

Market Research

Skilled assement of land use and property market data to optimize client profit margins.