Strategic thinking​  |  Unlocking value  |  Bringing ideas to life 

Strategic thinking​  |  Unlocking value  |  Bringing ideas to life 

Photo 1 : Example of the existing, run-down housing stock, on large under-utlised lots.
Photo 2: Example of the housing redevelopment occurring in the precinct.


A leading Community Housing Provider faced urgent challenges with their housing portfolio. Many of the homes did not meet the accommodation needs of their clients. The properties were old, costly to maintain, and in poor condition.


This involved undertaking a feasibility analysis and developing a framework to enable the prioritisation of redevelopment opportunities. Initially a small group of properties were selected for feasibility testing. Based on the findings of this work, criteria were developed as a framework to identify target properties suitable for more detailed feasibility testing.


Using precinct criteria, we selected 5 sites near transport, amenities and infrastructure for redevelopment assessment. The factors considered included land area, topography, housing types, density increase, costs and subsidy.


The strategy review facilitated negotiations with stakeholders and provided a platform for new home designs and building costs. The strategy identified a planning pathway, funding solutions and an engagement strategy for Local and State Agencies.