Strategic thinking​  |  Unlocking value  |  Bringing ideas to life 

Strategic thinking​  |  Unlocking value  |  Bringing ideas to life 

The team at LandIt has been working with a business that provides alternative solutions for developers that are waiting for public sewer connections.


The solution is a ‘Decentralised Water Treatment System’. It’s on-site and designed to be an ecologically friendly, short-term or permanent sewer and water recycling option.





A Decentralised Water System operates using three steps:


  • The first is to gather recyclable water, whether it be grey water or sewage from houses. This water is then pumped into a holding bay and moved to the onsite cleaning unit. 


  • The second phase involves ‘cleaning’ or treating the water using cutting edge technology in order to ensure its safe to reuse.


  • The third and final stage involves pumping the now clean water back into the buildings for reuse. This water can now be used in a multitude of ways, including watering plants, irrigating green spaces and flushing toilets. 


By adopting this new method of water treatment, developers now have an alternative to public sewer. Water treatment plants can be portable and the size of the plant can be changed according to demand. 


Decentralised water treatment allows developers to demonstrate their sustainability credentials at the same time as unlocking land faster when public sewer is a problem.

LandIt has identified pockets in the North and South-West growth areas of Sydney, where decentralised water treatment has the potential to unlock land supply. This means that developers, instead of waiting for public sewer to arrive, have a real option to make profits faster.





In the middle of a drought, when water management is at the forefront of the community’s mind, a Decentralised Water System has the potential to unlock land faster. To find out more, book a free 15 minute consultation with us.



Angus Michie

Marketing Officer